5 Pro PowerPoint Templates for Designing Exceptional Business Presentations


About 30 million PowerPoint presentations are conducted per day in convention centers, boardrooms, web conferencingand executive offices across the four corners of the globe, according to a survey conducted. The familiarity and simplicity of PowerPoint makeit a vital tool in any businesses’ communication artillery. In fact, in many organizations, the beginning and end of any business activity is marked by a presentation.

A powerful and professional-looking presentation is useful in convincing the management team about futuristic plans for the company and engaging investors. A presentation can hep you connect with clients as well as present proposals, progress reports and updates. But, designing a PowerPoint presentation from the scratch is time-consumingbecause a presentation comes together only after the balanced incorporation of finer details, such as perfect overall style design, number of slide layout designs that all cohesively work together, including font style, icons, animations and infographics, and all other such design elements.

One of the best ways to speed up the entire process is by acquiring a PowerPoint template at powerslides.com to work with. Templates designed by professional designers will give you an excellent starting point, along with all the components and design elements that you need to create an impactful presentation delivering the results.

Take a look at some of the fully customizable pro PPT templates below.

Influencer – This is a professional PowerPoint template,which comes with plenty of slide design options, infographics and data analysis. If you need a presentation to influence your audience, showcase your products or services or present your business breakthroughs, this is one of the best PPT design templates.

Business – Designed by an elite designer, this is an unparalleled business PowerPoint template that you can work with. It comes with 400 exclusive slide designs and offers an exceptional mix of text and photo layout designs, eye-catching infographic options, and fabulously crafted vector illustrations. You can use this template to showcase the success of your business, highlight your online marketing strategies, SEO campaigns, and so on.

Digit – This multipurpose PPT template is considered as a one-stop PowerPoint presentation template for businesses. It is fully packed with numerous PowerPoint slide layout options, professional infographics, customizable vector brand elements, premium quality vector illustrations, awide array of color optionsand so on. You can use this template for emphasizing on the emerging market trends, spotlighting social media strategy, presenting a compelling business planand more.

Unicorn – Do you have investors to impress? If yes, then this advanced pitch deck PPT template is what you need to make a lasting impression. This uncluttered template features an attention-grabbing design that ensures your critical points stand out on each slide. The slides are designed to enable you to showcase a competitive landscape, highlight the business model, present the finance reports to back up your narrative and more. The PPT template can be fully personalized according to your preference. It is considered as one of the premium PPT templates for start-ups hoping to present their innovative idea and securing funding.

Millionaire – A modern, cutting-edge PPT presentation is required, if you want to put forward your innovative entrepreneurial idea, showcase inventive business model or present an engaging new product or service to sell. The Millionaire PPT template featuring a corporate style and enticing slide layouts is your best option. You can easily customize its text layouts; make use of exclusive shape designs, date charts and infographics to create a compelling presentation.

If you want to reach your business dreams and goals fast, make use of PPT templates and design layouts to design a presentation that will be effective and impressionable.

Author Bio – Susan Hodge is a business mogul and she is an avid user of professional PPT templates of powerslides.com. She is active on blogging sites where she gives her insights on the creation of creative presentations.


How To Choose Best Mobile Application Development Company

“Empower your company Mobilize your own life”. ABIT CORP style and create customized mobile applications to improve interactive marketing communications with client and customers. Our core regions of expertise tend to be:

Android software development
Iphone/Ipad Software development
Home windows application development
Native Google android and IOS development
Hybrid software

We provide customized mobile software development companies providers amend marketing methods to our customers from varied industries. We make an effort to deliver inexpensive mobile application which is unique and easy to use, based solely in your requirements. ABIT CORP offers 5+ many years of encounter in building mobile applications (Google android & IOS). We are able to develop each native as well as cross-platform. With regard to cross-platform all of us use Titanium. We understand integration of 3rd party libraries or even making complicated custom USER INTERFACE. We allow us cab or even taxi software Native Google android and IOS each.

Expertise within an application development business can result in profound outcomes. Think from the difference company consulting could make on your organization. If you intend to launch a brand new mobile application or reform a current application, partnering by having an ABIT CORP as well as development talking to company would likely pay away. Dragon is really a powerful internet management talking to company located in worldwide providing website design, development as well as mobile software consulting for smaller businesses and big, across thousands of sectors. We provide our software services in order to both household and worldwide client’s at most reasonable prices. Our mobile application development company within worldwide, Indian and Canton, Georgia brings together the specialized proficiency along with strategic convinced that is essential for the success of the Software & mobile Application development project.

mobile devices are the actual fastest-growing Company platforms inside it. Enterprise THIS shops as well as software marketers alike tend to be moving each and every possible application to operate on pills, smart phones, as well as smart watches.

A cellular app is really a software developed especially for use upon small, mobile computing products, such because smart cell phones and pills, rather compared to desktop or laptops. Customized mobile application is actually developed to improve interactive conversation with clients and customers. Mobile application development begins with developing a concept, conversation, design, improvement and screening.

ABIT CORP is top quality mobile application dilators, creative designers, developers, testers as well as marketers. Of all the supply chain of the industry, we’re servicing from every coating. We strongly have confidence in the truth that mobility may be the future and we now have expertise within mobile software development. We’re having encounter in cross-platform with regard to Android as well as iOS, wealthy Internet Programs, User interface and person experience.

ABIT CORP is really a leading supplier of end-to-end mobility methods to enterprises globally. We possess a team associated with experts within mobility talking to and software development (mobile application improvement, )#) together with experience providing over numerous projects within mobility, we offer a variety of services within mobility throughout industry verticals. We provide services towards the whole worlds and also have offices in the usa.

20 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce – by Wrike project management tools

Infographic brought to you by Wrike collaboration tools

20 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce - by Wrike project management tools

Using High Brightness Monitors in window displays

Using a High Brightness Monitor as part of a window display is a fantastic way to get more eyes on your storefront. It is however one on the trickier applications for Digital Signage due to the levels of ambient light so it is important that you understand what points to consider and pitfalls look out for if you want to install Digital Signage in your outward facing window display.

External light shining on any display impacts the brightness of the image that is produced. This is true for any display screen, be it a domestic television, workplace computer or commercial Digital Signage screen. These products are all indoor products and are not expected to be fighting direct sunlight so their brightness is set to a suitable level for the environment so they don’t appear washed out and hard to view. High Brightness Monitors howeverare designed to fight off direct sunlight and annoying reflections. A traditional television has a brightness level of around 300-500 candela (cd/m2), in a High Brightness Monitor you should look for a screen that has at least 1,500 cd/m2. This will ensure that your Digital Signage can be seen even on the brightest of days.

According to Thomas Fraser-Bacon of Allsee Technologies Ltd “To maintain this kind of brightness this type of display needs its own temperature control system. LCD panels get hot when used so every screen needs to regulate its internal temperature to keep it running under the optimum conditions.” For High Brightness monitors with the brighter panel and in direct sunlight, heat is definitely an issue. If you fail to ensure that your High Brightness Monitor has additional internal fans, or an alternative cooling system, it could cause issues with your display.

Updating the content on a High Brightness Monitor is no different to updating any other Digital Signage screen. It can be done with either the standard Plug and Play method that involves a USB or by upgrading to a Networked solution so it can be updated via an online Content Management System. As the rear of the monitor is usually easily accessible using a USB stick to update your content is often an ideal solution. Networking the High Brightness Monitor allows you to remotely update it from anywhere in the world. You can also create your own custom layouts and even synchronise screens. This can create a real wow moment of marketing if you have multiple screens in a window display and get customers to stop and look.

Mounting your Digital Signage in a window display requires some thought. There are multiple ways to do this. If your Window Display is in an enclosure and the wall is strong enough it can simply be mounted onto the enclosure wall. This however is not likely to be case for most window displays. The options available are to mount your screen on either a floor stand or trolley or by mounting it from the ceiling.

The purpose of installing a High Brightness Monitor in a window display is that it can be seen by a much wider audience even outside of your opening hours. With its commercial grade LCD panel and components this is possible and the screen can be in use 24/7 for up to 50,000 hours, a High Brightness Monitor however should have an internal power timer that allows you to set times that the screen is switched off when not in use.

A High Brightness monitor is one sure fire way to make your window display stand out from other competing window displays. Whenever installing Digital Signage it is important to understand your exact requirements and find a screen that can match them. For those looking to install a Digital Signage element into a window display you cannot go wrong with a High Brightness Monitor.

Try To Solve the Crosswords Puzzles As Much As Possible

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Just like others, you too have good crossword puzzles where is no work to do. The more complicated crossword puzzle can provide good brain exercise. And of course, studies say that exercising the brain will help in preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Hence, it becomes an excellent idea to keep you brain in a perfect working condition by offering it some workouts now and the day to come. There are several kinds of crosswords puzzles available on the market nowadays. Even, you can find free crosswords and other puzzle games in your newspaper. However, some of them are too difficult and it becomes essential to make use of a solver or else some sort of crossword puzzle helper to make over a hard spot. Since, the crossword helper could be established in several places. One of the best places to get a crossword puzzle help is at online.

Nowadays more and more individuals are finding the perks of solving the mind games like crossword puzzles. Many of them have observed how this renowned spare time helps not just in improving vocabulary, yet also in strengthening mind logical skills. These crossword puzzles are offered in many different levels, ranging from easy to extremely hard, which seem to be found almost unsolvable. In case that you are simply a newbie to solving this crossword puzzle, then it is suggested that you look out for crossword puzzle help with the intention to work the more complicated ones. In addition, you can also go through some of the tips, which are given below for your knowledge:

  • Try to get the solutions for the clues, which permit you to complete the blanks, first. Since, the solutions to these clues are actually easier as compared to the other clues available in the puzzle.
  • Try to look at the top of the puzzle so as to solve the clues, which you have missed. Getting through them for second or third time may help you finish the puzzle.
  • Continuously repeat the steps 1 and 2 as long as you entirely solve the crossword puzzle. This is considered to be the point through which try to become familiar with the missing letters for each boxes developed to give answer.
  • If you trying to answer a crossword puzzle, which has themed clues, learn more regarding it. The vital key to solve any puzzle is, knowing more regarding its clue, particularly if it pertains to a certain type of theme. Look upon the themes with the help of internet and make any guesses to answer some of those clues.
  • Keep it in mind that there would not be any combination of letters which would work for two words, which are crossed with one another. And this would aid you making guesses regarding the missing letters and the right place, where they are required to be placed. Previous to discarding any unsolvable crossword puzzles, be sure to review it together with the clues that you may have missed. This is because, you may still be capable of completing the puzzle this way.


ID That Will Match the Original

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In the country of the USA the drivers should hold an original driving license while driving on the congested roads. If the police authorities catch holds of the driver without valid license they will throw him behind the bars immediately. Once if they catch hold it will be very difficult for the driver to come out of the station and live a normal life. In the USA getting private or commercial vehicle license is a very complicated and challenging task since the driver has to drive the vehicle as per the expectations of the transport officer. Passing the test conducted by the regional transport officials is more than a challenging task. So, the adult men or women those who are not having any valid license to drive on the road can apply for a fake id on this website. The quality of fake ids that is prepared by this company will excel in all aspects and will look like original ones. Customers those who use these fake ids can happily show it to the police authorities when they are charged with traffic negligence and escape from their eyes immediately. This company which prepares fake ids for the past several years will create scannable ids that will look like original US licenses. Since this company uses UV ink, laser engraving and hologram overly the customers purchasing these fake ids can expect long life. The fake cards that are created exclusively for the customers’ by this company will pass perfect ten scores and are highly flexible.

These fake ids are priced reasonably

Customers those who are planning to print fake driving license through this company should bring along with them recent photos and also read the fake id review which will be an eye opener. The customers those who browse this website will be able to observe hundreds of fake ids prepared by this company. They can take decision after watching the gallery. The scannable fake driving license manufactured by this company will have 2D barcodes and will look like original. The authorities will not be able to find any difference when the customers carry the fake driving license manufactured by this company. This company which is printing fake ids for the customers for the past several years have so far printed thousands of fake driving license.

Customers will get several will ask get fake id answers when they browse this website. This company will deliver the cards within reasonable time span and at no cost will charge high price for manufacturing these types of products. Buy fake ID cards from this website and save lots of money. The customer support services extended by this company will be damn good. Customers those who are planning to print fake ids through this company should inform all their requirements well in advance like materials to be used and expiry date of the license. Customers will be happy to watch the video that is showcased on this website since it has several stuffs with respect to fake ids.

No Doubt That Instagram Is Most Useful For Business Promotion

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There is lots of improvement in technology and people can do anything with the help of internet. They no need to go out for entertainment and relaxation. All they can get in their bedroom. Technology plays great role in everywhere. And social media networking has more number of followers who like to share their ideas with their friends. Now there are more number of social media network are available for people. And they can open an account in any of the social media and have friendship with people all over the world. People can have more friends through social media and business people can get more market for their product through social media. In olden days business people need to spend more for marketing their new products but they can upload the images of the product in the social. The main advantage in the social media is every people can see the ads or any other events if their friends are like or comment that photos. So there is chance of reaching the photos for every people.

Importance of getting likes

Everybody who is in the friend list can see the likes and comments.  Thus the photos can be seen by everyone. Likes and comment is more important in social media networking. Many people like to upload their photos to get more likes. It becomes fashion and habit every people like to upload photos in social network and they like to see how many likes they get. Instagram is popular for sharing photos and people like to upload their varieties of pose in it. The more like they get they can more joy and happy.  People like to see the lot of instagram likes because they can get quick like in the instagram. People who are lonely at their home can take some picture of their surrounding or their cats and dogs. If they upload the photos of the cats and dogs they can get more likes and comments. They can take photos with their pets and post in the instagram. It will encourage the hobby of photography. People can forget all their stress and worries and they can admire the beautiful photos in the instagram.

Most of the internet surfers are uploading their photos so there are many photos to watch in it. And business people who are uploading their photos need to upload only little number of photos if they upload all the photos it would not be interest for the followers. People can upload the photos in many ways. Instagram photos have more fans and many people have crush towards the photos which are uploading in the instagram. Now people can pass their time without any problem and they do not have much time for their worries and problem. Every people have social media network account and they busily chatting with their friends and relation. And with the invention of such social media, people have the habit of taking photos of interesting things and upload in the instagram and waiting to see the how many likes they will get for their photos and videos.

Buy the Large Bluetooth Speakers with the Great Specification

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With the great development in the electronics field, there is number Bluetooth speaker system with the great features. Then it delivers the sound quality and stunning LED light, which deliver the sharp sound to hear such the music to get out from the major mind stress. It built with the current generation of the Bluetooth that allows playing the music far away. It never connect with the cable and but must make sure that it does not not run out of the batters. On the other hand, it built with the additional features such the USB dock charges along with the control board so it let to charge the device in simple and effective way. It has option of party mode, which can switch on rear panel and it deliver the multicolor sound light, which can be turn on. Then it has option to change color regarding the beat of the music. In addition, it finally creates the stunning light show along with the each song. Then it includes the USP port as well the SD car to insert to direct to play the major albums and playlist of musical file. One you insert the SD card or else the USD, the speaker starts to play the songs. Here the large bluetooth speakers out with the great features to make use in trouble free way. It is out with compact size, which is highly suitable to carry along with you at any time. Therefore, it will be right option to buy at friendly price.

The Bluetooth speaker hold the box is wireless microphone and it get connect automatically with the speaker to play the song in easy way. However, it requires adding 2xAA batteries to function in right and effective way. On the other hand, it has option to connect the ¼ audio jack that support to collect two extra audio source. This above two port allows signing with the music so you can simply play via other inputs. It built with the sound control and power ON/OFF button so it will be more comfortable for the customer to make use in effective way. The large bluetooth speakers have option of audio out port, which can connect to other speaker with no trouble on it. this speaker out with both remote control as well as wireless microphone and it has Bluetooth and FM road modes so it will be give hand for the client to make use on either one option. It built with the 3.5 mm as well as RCA auxiliary input and output option. Then it built with the 7 graphical equalizer which deliver the sharp sound effect to hear and it made of the thick metal grill which remain the customer to make use in effective way. Therefore, you have to choose right and experience online store to buy right and wish speaker at friendly price. Even you can find out massive selection of the speaker to buy over the online, it is necessary to go with reviews of the product, which remain to pick right speaker with no trouble on it.

What a Computer Recycling Company Can Do For Your Business

Following quite a while of administration, the computers, screens and peripherals are utilized by your business get to be out of date and broken. Your business additionally likely has old computers and gear sitting around that are broken hopeless. Trying to discard these old computers and computer gear dependably is troublesome, even for the most naturally benevolent of businesses. A computer recycling organization will get your old, out of date computers, exhausted screens, and broken printers and recycle their parts for use in new customer items. Consider these advantages of what a computer recycling organization can accomplish for your business.

Group Benefits

Depending on the state of your old computers and gear, a computer recycling organization might have the capacity to repair them into helpful computers for group associations or individuals who can’t bear to buy another computer system. A hefty portion of these group associations are non-benefits, which may issue you a receipt for expense purposes. Recycling your computer to a group association could bring about your business saving hundreds or even a huge number of dollars off the yearly expense bill.


Dealing with the transportation of an extensive number of old computers, screens and peripherals is a grave errand. A computer recycling organization that goes to your location, has an extensive vehicle for transport, does the difficult work of lifting and loading and pulls everything far from your site is convenient for the operations of your business.

Information Security

A computer recycling organization will ensure the security and classification of your business information. Old computer hard drives are wiped clean so that no corrupt individual can take your duty, Visa, and financial balance information. With authentications of destruction gave to you, you can rest guaranteed knowing that your secret business information won’t be stolen.


Dangerous Materials


Trying to recycle computers at your own location or strip salvageable metals is dangerous to your representatives. Old computers may contain hurtful chemicals including lead and mercury, while all the more as of late created computers and peripherals contain polyvinyl chloride, bromine, cadmium, chromium and fire resistant chemicals. A computer recycling organization has the information and mastery to handle these sorts of dangers securely. By using a computer recycling organization, your business remains consistent with the law regarding the transfer of such materials.

Ecological Responsibility

Throwing a computer into your business dumpster is not the dependable thing to do. A computer recycling organization is an ecologically well-disposed decision. Instead of allowing the risky chemicals inside your computer to spill into the landfill, recycling your computer permits these materials to be securely reused at whatever point conceivable. Your business may get accolades from the city government for its ecological duty in recycling these materials.

Getting High Definition motion background videos for free online

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At many instances, normal people and commercial professionals require a video clip or motion background to prepare any short film, video footage or anything for their personal or commercial purpose. Some of the art and research students require preparing such natural videos of a specific theme. According to the topic and theme of the project, they are in need of getting several natural videos. At different times, they have to wait for many months to get specific natural videos. But today, you don’t bother about the season and climate of the current condition. This is because there are several amounts of free hd video backgrounds which are video clips available now on the internet platforms.

Get HD quality background videos for free:

There are more amounts of websites available online with the huge collections of stock video footages in the different categories such as natural, graphic videos, animated video clips, and so on. If the individuals need sunset or moon related video clips for your research or nature related projects, you just need to visit anyone of the best website like freemotionbacks.com online. It has been the best choice of online platform to get video loops and stock video clips of nature or any animated backgrounds for completely free of cost.

All these video loops are also known as the motion backgrounds which are actually royalty free videos for both your personal and commercial purposes. Buying a free of cost and royalty free video clips which are motion backgrounds for your project will be a great idea to save both time and money. Waiting for getting a natural video of the particular season or hiring a graphic designer are totally expensive options for all. That is why everyone is recommended going for the motion background videos download from the online platforms to save time in order to complete your project earlier.

Uses of royalty free motion backgrounds:

Getting free hd video backgrounds are absolutely great for all kinds of projects in the various fields. Most of the people are looking for the royalty free video clips and motion backgrounds for,

  • Self help
  • Business
  • Community
  • Health
  • Inspiration
  • Focus and others.

Some of the personal and commercial concepts need different animated or natural overlap to deliver any content or pictures. For the impressive and effective video presentations, downloading these free of cost motion background video clips from this reliable and reputable website will be a great thing to everyone. There are several amounts of packages and different varieties of backgrounds available in this platform. From the list of motion backgrounds which are video loops available here, you can pick the best and suitable one among them for conveniently completing your project. All these backgrounds are usually royalty free motion background video clips to save time and money of the users. All of them are high definition backgrounds captured and created by the professional video producers and graphic designers to help all online users.